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Future of COVID and the Vaccine

Happy first year anniversary of quarantine. On March 13th of last year, was the first day of quarantine for us as a school. Back then we all probably didn’t think we would have to go this far in quarantine, yet here we are. This last year has been a wild ride for all of us and many people and families have been affected. But, it is not over yet. Covid-19 is still around and what is most surprising out of all of this is that is probably here to stay. 

Even though we might think we have started to get vaccinated and began to be “immune” to the virus, that is not true. Many doctors have said that the vaccine doesn’t make you immune to the virus and allows you to not ever catch it, the vaccine just makes the symptoms of having the virus way less impactful to our immune system and our bodies. This is expected due to what the virus has been doing recently. 

If you haven’t heard, this virus has already experienced various different mutations in various different parts of the world. We first saw a mutation in the United Kingdom which was way more contagious and way more impactful on the immune system of a person. Another mutation researchers have discovered exists in Brazil which has similar effects as the version seen in the United Kingdom but has mainly mutated to the environment it is in. Due to all of this, vaccines cannot and will not be a one time use. 

Many have compared this virus and stated that it is similar to that of the Flu when it was first ever seen. The flu is another virus that we have all heard of and have all probably been told that it is now just like a common cold after you get vaccinated. Well, this will probably be the same reality for Covid. The flu was not like the common cold when it first appeared and was similar to Covid due to the fact that it never stayed the same, there were always mutations and changes that made the vaccine ineffective after some time. The effect that this had was that we had to get new and different vaccines every year for the Flu. This is a probability for Covid too. 

Covid will be ever changing as we have already seen happen twice in the past year, but this is nothing to get alarmed about because once we get a vaccine that is effective and has been tested for the right amount of time, with no side effects, new vaccines will be produced each year to help us avoid catching the new variant, the only thing we have to do is to get a new vaccine every year.

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