Galaxy Unpacked 2022

Flagship phones are the most important product of a company making mobile devices. Phones are the most widely used tech gadget in the world. More than 1.4 billion smartphones were sold last year, which is almost a fifth of the world’s population. Naturally, the competition is fierce. One company in particular is selling more phones than any other company. This tech giant has had the biggest market share for the past 10 years. Unlike Apple, who unveils their phones in autumn, this company reveals their phones at the beginning of the year. 

In this year’s Galaxy Unpacked, Samsung revealed their new smartphones and tablets. Three phones and three tablets. Samsung’s smartphones follow the same lineup as last year: Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra. The first two models look very much like the last models, with similar design and camera modules. This year, Samsung has changed the plastic at the back and decreased the camera bump. It has a slightly smaller battery, but the phone uses less power due to a more advanced chip. What really makes the difference this time is the Ultra. Last year, Samsung discontinued their famous Note series. The Note series were the only phone in the world that had a stylus inside a phone. It can be used to take pictures, control the phone remotely, and most of all, take notes. The Notes usually sold about 10 million units per year, and Samsung had to make sure these customers wouldn’t switch to other phones. So this year, Samsung took the most important features of the Note and added those to the S series. It has a much improved design, although some complain that the design is now too plain. More details are to be further introduced after people get the chance to use it, but for now, it looks like the best phone Samsung has produced in years. 

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