For a long period of time planet earth has been experiencing many changes in its climate due to constant climate change caused by human activity. Each year fewer crops are being produced due to drought and fewer fish are being harvested each year due to pollution in the ocean. But there could possibly be a solution to all that.


Geoengineering could undo centuries of human pollution to earth or make everything way worse than before. There are many methods that could help us save the earth but today we will be talking about the stratospheric aerosol injection. Earth heats up with energy from the sun, energy comes in electromagnetic waves whit the earth captures and this heats up the earth. Some energy most of the time bounces as solar radiation back into the atmosphere but carbon dioxide keeps these from escaping, heating the earth more and more each time aerosol injection however could potentially stop the earth from heating up. Sulfur dioxide, when combined with water particles, forms giant cells that repel sunlight by almost 1% cooling down the earth’s surface which is what we currently need. Special planes could drop millions of tons of sulfur dioxide into the equator which would later be spread out cooling the earth by a lot which would give us extra time to fix our destruction and keep our beautiful planet alive.

Patrick Schmidts

My name is Patrick Schmidts. I am a junior who likes motocross. I am from Bolivia. My favorite food is pizza. A word that would describe me would be outgoing.

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