Geraldine O’Brien

Geraldine O’Brien, daughter of an American father and a Bolivian mother, was born in Denver Colorado in 1977 and has lived in the country (Bolivia) since the ’90s. She is a singer, visual artist, comedian, writer, and psychoanalyst. 

As a vocalist, she participated in several projects of national bands, both in audiovisual recordings and in live performances.

From an early age, she was drawn to art. She played the xylophone in elementary school (in the US) and ever since then, her relationship with art and the stage started. 

In high school (in Bolivia) she began her work as a soloist in what would be her first band, Kriteria, which did not go well with the authorities of her Catholic school, La Salle. It was then when she turned against “closed minds”, and that is why she began to look for that questioning role of art.

In 2002, she sang in Tax Band, where she composed the songs for their album, Hey Buenos Días, which was a success.

In 2003 she traveled to London with a new band: Le Vow. “The experience in London was not entirely pleasant, because, ironically, London] has a musical scene very similar to La Paz but much more competitive: a capitalist jungle.” 

Upon her return to La Paz in 2004, she worked more independently and began to focus more on her career (psychology-psychoanalysis), harmonizing with literature and, at the same time, with music, visual arts (painting and design), and, in a transversal way, with comedy.

“I think that after so much reaction and rebellion, I was able to achieve, in some way, peace through comedy with a bit of irony, proposing something good that helps to improve the level of art and the public, not only thinking about pleasing. “

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