Girls Have Had Enough With The Dress Code

They say the world has changed, and that women are now achieving equality, but is that really true? If we look at the bigger picture, in most parts of the world, evidently, women have gained more rights and achieved equality, however, it is the small details of our daily lives that we see the reality; those small details that show that us women are still living in a men’s world. An example of this is the school’s dress code. Us ladies are constantly suffering from the dress code policy at school. I know this because each and every one of my friends (girls) and myself included has had a problem with the dress code in these past few years. 

It is no secret that there is more vigilance and control over what girls wear than what boys wear. At school, I hear at least once a week how a girl is sent to the office because of the dress code, but never in my life have I heard a guy sent to the office because of the dress code. Is this because boys are extremely careful and appropriate, and girls are the only ones who are disobedient, rebellious, and troublesome? I don’t think so because I have seen plenty of boys on many occasions wear their jeans more than 5 inches below their waist. I can even tell you that Calvin Klein is a popular brand for boys at school.

I know for a fact that many girls agree with this because, in 2012, there was a small protest at school, where most high school girls demanded a more just dress code. If most of the girls joined this protest, then it is because, from our perspective, there IS an issue. If one person complained about this, others might think that they are incorrect, maybe crazy, but if it is a whole group of people, then there is no question that there is something wrong and erroneous. 

Us girls are portrayed as the problem when in reality, we are the victims, and that is how this world has always worked whether we realize it or not. We are considered a “distraction” for boys, and therefore WE have to change the way we express ourselves. Can you believe that? Because boys can’t control their hormones, we are supposed to cover ourselves and hide. It is these details that show how girls still have to accommodate to boys’ wants and needs. Here is an idea, what if instead of teaching girls to cover up so boys do not get distracted, we teach boys that girls are not sexual objects?

The dress code at school has gone a little too far. If we show skin, we get dressed code, if we do not show skin, we still get dressed code. I remember one time I wore leggings and a shirt to school, and the only skin I showed was my arms; that is it. Guess what? I got dress-coded. Before I could not show skin, and now I can not wear normal leggings. I also remember the time when my friend got dress-coded at school for showing her…shoulders. When have shoulders become sexualized? I do not think they have, so why do we even have to cover body parts that do not distract anybody? What are boys going to say? “Wow, bro did you see those shoulders?” Girls are also dress-coded for showing their braw straps. Oh no! Nobody can know, that I, a teenage female am wearing a bra, someone calls Victoria because her secret is out! Not only that but we can’t even wear ripped jeans! Are people saying that showing a small part of my leg is now being sexualized? Is that why I can not wear ripped jeans? Wow, if that is the case, what a disgusting world. Ladies, at this point, we should just wear a blanket to school. 

The dress code is only giving the world the wrong message. It body shames women. Women by nature have curves, it is not like we can control that aspect, so why punish us because of our natural beauty?  Also, if a girl is comfortable with her own body, then isn’t that something we should be supporting? Why should we shame a person who has enough confidence to show their body in public? We are high school girls, if you are sexualizing us then YOU are the problem.

Natalia Orihuela

My name is Natalia Orihuela and I am a junior at ACS. I love sports, nature, and traveling. Some words that describe me are confident and authentic.

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