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GTA V Remastered!?

GTA has been one of the most played sagas of video games in history. Their last release came out over 7 years ago yet it is still one of the most played games to this day. GTA V was initially released on September 13th, 2013 and was one of the most sought out games of that entire year. So much so that the stores that contained that game for the first few months had waiting lists just to either wait in line physically to buy it or a line of orders based on when the game came back in stock. A few years ago, the company that designed the game, Rockstar, announced that they were working on the next version of the saga, GTA VI, yet we still don’t have it today, what happened?

GTA VI was initially announced on January 1st 2019 which was a major relief to many people awaiting a new release. But, something happened. There are many speculations, from people saying that they used copyrighted names and companies to people just saying that they ran out of budget, but, there are now rumors surfacing that a trilogy remastered version of the franchise is set to be released before GTA VI which made many enthusiasts and followers of the game disappointed yet happy because although they might be getting a newer and updated version of GTA, they have been waiting for a long time, over 83 months for a new game to come out. 

Rockstar Games has set a new record within the creation of their games by having the gap between GTA V and a new game be the biggest anyone has seen. Usually their games have a gap of 22 to 40 months between them, but the new game has doubled their previous highest amount of time. 

Many people are tired of waiting and hope thatRockstar will release something soon, it has even gotten to the point that GTA V is now a free game, but, I don’t think that really helps anyone or gives anything to the people that have been waiting, the only thing that could make it better is for the release of the new game to come out. In a sort of search for hope, many people are just calling the Remastered version “GTA 6” but that won’t last very long, Rockstar must do something or there might be some problem between them and their customers in the future.

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