Guess Who: Common Teacher Phrases Edition


ACS is such a small and close community that us students have the chance to really get to know our teachers. Get to know their sense of humor, their teaching methods, and even common phrases they have. In this third version of “Guess Who”, your goal is to guess which teacher I am talking about by only reading some of their most common phrases. 

  1. “Point Evidence Explain”
  2. “Switchito lagartos”
  3. “I’ll beat you with wet noodles”
  4. “Ay mi pollito”
  5. “You can take a screenshot later” 
  6. “Mirko stop fooling around” 
  7. “You know what’s interesting?”  
  8. “Agreed or not agreed”
  9. “Ight so check this out, I thought this was pretty cool…”
  10. “Very little glue” 


  1. Ms. van Strien a.k.a “The Dragon Lady”
  2. The ex professional soccer player, Miltich.
  3. Ms. van Strien a.k.a “The Dragon Lady” x2
  4. Ms. Andi
  5. Mr. I can beat everyone at tennis Estrugo
  6. All ACS faculty members.
  7. Mr. Carpio
  8. Mr. Estrugo again
  9. Mr. Carpio
  10. Ms. Ormachea

Nicolas Trigo

Hi. My name is Nicolas Trigo, I’m a junior and what I enjoy the most in life is to give tennis, soccer, and sometimes even fifa ‘clasesitas’ to my friends.

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