Guess Who – Juniors Edition!

In this article, your goal is to guess which 11th grader I am writing about. If you don’t understand some of the descriptions, you are probably not a junior, but this will help you get to know us better! 


1) This guy is the nicest junior by far, also on his way to becoming the next Elon Musk. 


2)  The class clown. Loved by the students, and let’s just say he is loved by the teachers just as much. I have to admit it, his 3 hair beard makes me a little jealous. 


3) Probably the classmate I am the closest to and know better. She is extremely chill… for about 3 and a half minutes. She will then start jumping for no apparent reason, sing, and demonstrate her inexhaustible energy. (Literally inexhaustible)


4) He carries a futuristic knee that has evolved to not fall apart during soccer matches. Watch out for his New Year’s Resolutions! 


5) A recent acquisition to the 11th graders. Probably lived in more places than the ones I will get to visit in my entire life. You might or might not find him shaving his head the night before CWW.


6) The only thing you need to know for this one is that he will forever be my son and pupil at tennis. Also pretty decent at solving the Rubik’s cube. 


7) Has a particular leaning towards Sebastianes.


8) Amazing at writing Haikus. He says he has rings because he likes them, but I think he has them in case he needs to KO someone.  


9) I don’t care how good you think you are at soccer, this junior will make you have second thoughts.


10) This individual stands out for many reasons; funny, nice, and almost decent at soccer, but especially for the pigments in his hair.



  2. Mirko Lebl
  3. Lucilla Cattoretti
  4. Santiago de Grandchant
  5. Javi Echevarria
  6. Sebas Bohrt
  7. Vane Valdes
  8. Davis Choi
  9. Ari Montero
  10.  Matias Aguirre 


Nicolas Trigo

Hi. My name is Nicolas Trigo, I’m a junior and what I enjoy the most in life is to give tennis, soccer, and sometimes even fifa ‘clasesitas’ to my friends.

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