Halloween during COVID-19

Every year, Halloween is celebrated on October 31st and people go out to the streets trick or treating. But how would CoronaVirus affect this holiday? I thought the streets were going to be empty and that very few people were going to be seen trick or treating or wearing costumes. However, people were dressed up and celebrating Halloween. Would this risk an increase in the spread of Coronavirus?
Even though there is a global pandemic going around, Halloween was not canceled. Yes, this could increase the percentage of people infected, but either way you could see children and parents on the streets trick or treating. Most people that were out on the streets were wearing costumes, wearing makeup, had family costumes on, and wore a mask on top. Even teenagers had the chance to have fun at their costume parties. The fun continued and people did not let Coronavirus stop them.
Even though this gathering of people due to Halloween could be risky, people are learning to live with this “new normal”. Happy Halloween!

Abril Zuazo

My name is Abril Zuazo. I am a senior who loves soccer. I am from Bolivia. My favorite food is Sushi. A word that would describe me would be gentle.

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