Halloween with Covid

It’s clear Halloween this year will be different from all others. Since the pandemic struck, the world hasn’t been the same. Parents all around the world are concerned about how to keep their children safe during Halloween with covid. However, there are still ways to have a good time while staying safe. We have to learn to adapt to this new world.

One of the most awaited activities during Halloween is trick or treating. Young kids of all ages dress up as different characters and creatures to go out during the night. The fun doesn’t stop once you get home after a long night of gathering candy, since the best part is eating it afterward! Unfortunately, with covid, trick or treating won’t be that easy. You fear the possibility of getting infected when receiving candy from others. In fact, the Times Magazine says that the chance of getting covid through our hands is very high since hands are constantly in contact with many surfaces and people. One way to help the prevention of covid through hand touching is wearing gloves. This option might seem a little dull, but you can wear gloves that match your costume and spice it up in your own way. 

Of course, for teenagers and grown-ups, the situation varies. Teens don’t go trick or treating anymore, but rather get together with their friends and have costume parties in order to celebrate Halloween. Unfortunately, ABC News says that the possibility of catching covid at a party is not only high but extreme. Yes, this news might upset many of us, but in places in the world where covid isn’t as abundant, some parties might still happen. If you happen to catch yourself in one of these parties, here are some ways for you to reduce the risk of getting Covid-19. First of all, do not leave your cup/drink unattended. Make sure to be drinking only from your cup and no one else’s. Secondly, wear a mask as much as possible, it might be uncomfortable, but it’s necessary.  Finally, try to avoid contact with others as much as possible, and if you have the option, stay in an outdoor area. 

Regardless of where you’re going to spend your Halloween, there is one Covid rule that everyone should follow. That is to keep your distance at all times. Even if you’re just going to hang out with your friends, try to have as little contact as possible. Yes, that means no hand touching, or hugging, or anything involving physical contact. It would be even better if you’re just having a small gathering with friends, try to make it outdoors or in a place with air conditioning. Even if all these measures may seem extreme, it’s the only way to get together with your friends without getting infected with Covid-19. 

It’s a shame we have to spend one of our favorite holidays worrying about a pandemic. It was so much easier years ago when this virus hadn’t spread and we had the freedom of doing whatever we wanted, without thinking twice. However, it’s better to try to find solutions like the ones shown previously. Taking all these safety precautions will surely keep you and your family a lot safer during Halloween. Make sure to follow covid protocols, keep your distance, and have a happy Halloween!

Adriana Bleichner

Hi, my name is Adriana Bleichner and I am a sophomore at ACS Calvert. I was born in Bolivia and have lived here my whole life. My favorite sport is tennis, and my favorite hobby is baking.

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