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With coronavirus comes the idea that we are unlucky. This is not true however. Many of us have privileges that a greater part of the population doesn’t have. Also along with this comes the idea of happiness. It is a very important question that all of us will face or have faced in our lives. So think about it, are you happy?

The immediate answer you will have is no because “I can’t leave my house, how could I possibly be happy.” The answer is you have a house. Many people can enjoy the pleasure of having a roof over their head. This is one reason that you should be happy. 

Another answer is no “I can’t go to school.” Most importantly, people worry about their education and how they will graduate. Simply, you have a computer and we are all learning on computers. Some people can’t do that and have to give up their education because they can’t leave their home. For some people that’s the only meal they get a day. 

The final answer you might think of no because “I cant see my friends.” Well many people in the world we live cant have friends. These people are too busy working trying to feed their families. This is not in reference to adults, these are children that work in order to live everyday. If you think you are unlucky about not being able to leave your house, think about the people who can’t work to feed their families. 

This may have given you a new perspective on current life and how to deal with issues. After hearing all of this are you happy? 

Alex Gamarra

My name is Alex Gamarra, I like cars and bikes, one word that would describe me is adventurous.

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