Have scientists created a miracle drug that can block the coronavirus?

Remdevisivr is the first drug that has proven to be successful against the coronavirus. Researchers have found that Remdevisir speeds recovery from COVID-19 by 31%.  An international trial for the drug was held, and 1,063 COVID-19 patients were randomly selected to receive infusions of Remdevisir or a placebo. Data showed that the patients that received Remdevisir recovered in about 11 days while the ones that had the placebo recovered in 15 days. 8 % of the patients injected with Remdevisir died compared to 11 % of the placebo group. 

How does Remdevisir work? Remdevisir identically copies a building block of RNA (the virus’ genetic material). When the virus copies its RNA and Remdevisir is incorporated, it stops the virus replication. The drug can stop or slow viral replication but doesn’t block the body’s immune response, making it extremely effective against the coronavirus. If this drug was administered early in the infection processes, then a lot of hospitalizations could be prevented. Even though this is true, this drug is extremely delicate and needs to be administered by a professional and experienced doctor or health care provider. Scientists have suggested that creating an oral and measured amount of this drug could even be used to prevent infections. 

Another trial of the drug was held by the biopharmaceutical company that created Remdevisir. This time, they measured the effect of Remdevisir in a given amount of time. One group was submitted to 5 days of treatment with this new drug, and another to ten days of treatment. The results showed that those who received the treatment for 5 days recovered in an average of 10 days, while the other took a bit longer, with 11 days until recovery. According to scientists, this trial has shown the potential of the drug and in the efficiency that it could be used. If the treatments are shorter, and should they even better results of the longer treatment, then we could be able to treat more patients with reserves of Remdevisir we already have. 

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