Helpful Benefits of Art

Creating art is more than just painting on a piece of paper, taking interesting pictures, or making sculptures out of various materials. Creating art is a way of life that can actually help you in a myriad of ways many people don’t think about. It also doesn’t matter if you’re good at making art because the positive benefits that come from doing so affect pretty much everyone.

To start off, if you’re a student you can probably relate to being stressed about school work. A great way to cope with your stress or anxiety is by creating art, which requires a lot of concentration and focus. As a result, you distract yourself and forget about your problems, achieving peace of mind.

In other ways, art can also help people by improving creative thinking and problem-solving. Art has no right answer and involves a lot of imagination since you can create anything you want. Art helps with problem-solving since it lowers frustration levels, which helps you approach issues with a clear mind. Other benefits of art are improving self-esteem, boosts confidence, decreases depression, and improves well-being.

There have been many experiments done to prove this theory and I bet that if you tried creating art you will see a positive change.

Juliana Luzio

My name is Juliana Luzio. I’m a sophomore who loves coffee. My favorite food is sushi.

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