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Hero Celebration – Chiquitania Firefighters

Last week on Monday, seven volunteer firefighters visited our school and shared their experiences while fighting the fires in the Chiquitania during September last year. It all got really emotional, in my opinion. The Chiquitania fires were a devastating time for all Bolivians, and since it was a topic very close to my heart, I teared up a little bit while the firefighters shared their experiences about the struggles they faced while fighting the fires.. The firefighters are heroes who risked their lives while trying to save part of our country without expecting something in return, and I loved the fact that we, as a school, were able to give them some recognition for their heroic acts.

The Bio guardians were the ones responsible for the event, and the hero celebration was a success. I loved how the students were able to recognize the effort the firefighters made and the beautiful mural that is now being painted. I hope we can continue doing events in which we celebrate extraordinary people more often.

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