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Honors, High Honors, Cougar Honors

In our school, there are three kinds of semester awards: Honors, High Honors, Cougar Honors.

Honors are awarded to students who received GPAs between 3.33 to 3.66 of the semester before.

High Honors are awarded to students who received GPAs between 3.67 to 3.99 of the semester before. 

Cougar Honors are awarded to students who received GPA of 4.0 of the semester before.

Everyone wants to receive awards, right?

Here is the question, Which two semester GPAs are the most unlucky GPA in our school of these choices?

  1. 0
  2. 0.99
  3. 1.99
  4. 2.29
  5. 2.74
  6. 2.99
  7. 3.32
  8. 3.49
  9. 3.66
  10. 3.99

You can eliminate 6 options(1~6)

Your response

Options 1, 2, 3: Are you kidding?

Option 4: 0.01 less from the cutline for traveling friendship games…

Option 5: Stuco?

Option 6: ……..

You’ll left with options (7~10)

Many will think 3.99 is the most unlucky semester GPA, because there is only 0.01 less than the perfect GPA

But it is not. If you get A- at one class, which is period 8, it will be 3.98. 

Many also will think 3.49, because it is only 0.01 less than 3.50. There is an award called the Presidential Award of Excellence, which is given at the end of the year, but the cutline includes 2nd semester 3rd quarter, so 3.49 is not an unlucky semester GPA. 

There are two options left, 3.32, 3.66. Those two are the answers. Why?

3.32 is 0.01 missing from Honors award criteria, 3.66 is 0.01 missing from High Honors award criteria. 

There are several ways to receive 3.32 and 3.66. 

One example for 3.32 is, 2 As, 2 A-s, 2 Bs, 1 C, and a B at the 8th period.

One example for 3.66 is, 4 As, 2 B+s, 1 B, and A- at the 8th period. 

There might be other ways, but it depends on period 8. Many people think period 8 doesn’t matter GPA a lot, but it matters in these cases. 

Think that you received 3.66 for one semester, how would you feel if your friend received 3.67. You might feel really unlucky and unfair for receiving Honors, not High Honors. 

However, if you received an A at the 8th period, you don’t need to worry about receiving 3.32 or 3.66.

This is what I want to advise, think carefully about choosing the 8th period class.

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