Horse Care

Horses are very delicate and smart animals. Horses are one of the smartest prey animals ever. Even if they are domesticated they know their way around you. Horses tend to run away, they get scared very easily unless you train them to be fearless. Horses are very alike to humans, there’s a saying, “the horse reflects on the owner.” This saying is very true since I have personally experienced it. My horse is really truly like me, very stubborn, lot’s of energy, and likes to play around. 

Horses can also be really delicate, like athletes. You need to care for them, watch what they eat, train them, and most importantly do monthly or weekly checkups. Horses, if not taken care of, can get seriously injured, or even die! Even though they are fragile and sometimes very dangerous, if trained properly, they can seriously be fun and competitive. I, as a horse rider, can say that every second you spend with them can make you laugh and give you unforgettable memories. More than animals, they are friends or family.

Fabricio Bedoya

Hi my name is Fabricio Bedoya, I’m in 11th and I like cars, my favorite food is sushi and my favorite color is red.

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