How are birds adapting to climate change?

As climate change continues adaptation is what allowed most species to preserve over millions of years. However, a new study predicts that Modern plants and animals may not be able to adapt fast enough to survive the pace of human-driven climate change.

Animals generally adapt morphologically,  increasing or decreasing in body mass to better regulate heat, or phenologically, adjusting the time they perform life events like mating, reproducing, hibernating, and migrating.

Birds tend to be the easiest animals to adapt. Tropical birds deep in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest are shrinking and developing longer wings as they adapt to climate change.

Researchers studied data for 77 tropical bird species over the past 40 years.They found that all of them had lost body mass, with some species losing nearly 2% of their weight per decade. A third of the species studied also developed longer wings

According to their findings, the current pace of change within these species is not enough to keep pace with the expected rate of a changing climate. This is concerning since many of the bird species studied, such as the magpie and the great tit, are common birds in their areas that are becoming extinct. It’s simple to envision that less common or geographically isolated species may struggle even more to keep up if they can’t keep up.

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