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How are countries handling COVID19?

Countries around the world are finding ways to control the spread of COVID19. Some have some particular ways and others are just doing nothing. One of the countries who is handling the virus in a remarkable manner is South Korea. They have provided their population with an abundance of COVID10 test kits and an incredible healthcare system that treats the symptoms that come with the virus. Although they have lowered the number of deaths and infected, they have not placed an obligated quarantine as they trust in their medical care and medical workers. Not only is South Korea doing an amazing job at controling the virus within their borders. Japan has also been extremely successful in controlling the outbreak of the virus. This is due to the fact that their healthcare system is one of the best in the whole world. With an abundance of advanced machinery, Japan is able to take in an incredible amount of patients at a time as well as provide the necessary equipment for doctors to be safe when treating these patients. Although these two countries are very well equipped in handling the virus, the problem that comes with the virus is the effects on the economy. Japan has stated that it’s economy is in a very critical state, but, they prefer to help their people than the economy. South Korea’s economy has been marked as being in the worst state since the Great Recession. These two countries are doing an amazing job at controling the virus but they will need help economically in the future.

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