How art can help us to express our emotions?​​

Have you ever thought about how art can greatly influence our emotions? Many artists express their feelings and thoughts in their paintings. Art is a therapeutic way to express our emotions. Many people express their emotions through songs, letters, or even painting. Art, when used to express our emotions, can help us to de-stress, to find ourselves, to forget negative things, or to focus on what we want. Art is such a strong medium to express our emotions that it helps us to express feelings that are difficult to verbalize, it can help us to relax, it helps us to correct our bad habits, and to have an emotional balance. Art is the expression of human beings. It has been developed in the first civilizations where it is seen in the caves what those humans felt and lived at that time. 

On the other hand, many sculptors, painters, and even composers express their feelings through their art, expression that has been transcending in the course of the years and have the virtue that many people can feel in the same way as the author. Remaining in force in the course of time the feelings of the authors of these artistic expressions.

Luciana Rodas

My name is Luciana Rodas and I am a junior at ACS. My favorite food is pasta.

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