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How Celebrities Influence Teens

Celebrities have a powerful impact on how teens see themselves and how they see the world. Celebrities influence teens’ acts and behaviors through their lifestyle and acts. They are able to reach thousands of people through their social platforms and on the other hand paparazzi’s show their lifestyle as well. They can have a positive influence on teens as well as a very bad/negative one.

Celebrities can have a positive influence on teens because they can serve as role models. Some famous singers, actors, and other celebrities can give unhealthy examples, and mess up the teen’s mental health. Therefore teenagers need guidance on how to manage celebrities’ influence, beforehand and have positive role models in their homes, friends, and family. 

An example of a negative impact on teens is how the body image is projected. Research shows that celebrity images have a severe impact on teen body image. 80 percent of teen girls compare themselves to images they see of celebrities. Young women who are constantly engaging with social media and images of an unrealistic “thin ideal” are more likely to exhibit symptoms of disordered eating. Most of them don’t know that various celebrities suffer from eating disorders, and body shame.

Celebrities can also have a positive effect on teenagers by setting a good example of how to live and act. Some are involved in humanitarian efforts such as fighting social injustices and raising money for sick or injured people. Celebrities who show integrity in their personal and professional lives, such as obeying the laws and honoring their relationships, are positive role models for teenagers.

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