How Coronavirus Affected The Environment

How Coronavirus Affected The Environment

  Most of us know that Coronavirus is affecting not only humans, but it’s also affecting many other things such as the economy all over the world. Coronavirus has an extremely high amount of negative things, but it also has very few positive effects. One of these positive effects is our Environment. This pandemic is temporarily helping with air pollution. Since people are not able to go out of their homes, transportation has decreased, factories are closed, and there is no one outside to contaminate. 

In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, most countries are in lockdowns, and this is extremely supporting with global air pollution. Some examples of how this pandemic has helped out is, Venice, Italy.  Before the lockdown occurred, the only way to be able to transport yourself in Venice was with motorboats. Since people were constantly moving around in Venice’s waters by these motorboats, this was not good for pollution. Now that people are not able to leave, waters are almost crystal clear and they are so clean that now we can even see different species of animals swimming such as dolphins! This is incredible, isn’t it? Another example of how Coronavirus is a positive thing for pollution is in India. For the first time in decades, people are able to see the Himalayas. This lockdown has an amazing effect on air pollution. It’s incredible how the Himalayan mountains are able to be seen from 100 miles away. It is just amazing!

Even though Coronavirus is an unfortunate situation for the whole world, it isn’t for the environment. Our environment needed a break from all the damage and harm that us humans have caused. We should learn to appreciate it and let’s start taking care of it. We only have one, let’s protect it!


Before and after COVID-19 images:

Los Angeles, California


New York City

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