How Did Newcastle F.C Become the Richest Club in the World?

Newcastle F.C is an English soccer club based in the northern city of Newcastle upon Tyne, England. It was founded on December 9, 1892, making it one of the most ancient and historical clubs in the world. Newcastle play in their 52,000-seater, regularly packed St. James’ Park. Newcastle have never been considered as being at the top echelon of English football, but they are an important team with great history.

The reason why they’ve been featured so heavily in the news lately is because they recently went through a financial takeover which made them the richest club in the history of football. The former owner of Newcastle was Mike Ashley (a British billionaire); he was in charge for 15 years and resigned due to heavy criticism from the fans.

The new owners are known as the Public Investment Fund (PIF). This group is a state savings account for the Saudi Arabian monarchy. The PIF are headed by the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad Bin Salman, who has been heavily criticized for the involvement in a murder of a journalist who had been openly critical of the Saudi government. The governor of the PIF and the new chairman of Newcastle F.C is Yasir Al-Rumayyan. This takeover is believed to inject at least tens of billions into the English club. Whether you like it or not, whether you think it’s ethical or not, everyone is on the edge of their seats to see what the future holds for Newcastle F.C. Good

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