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How does volunteering at the school help you?

Volunteering at school, I consider it a good action that highlights our human qualities and values and the empathy we can have for people or animals in need. It is important to learn and study but I think it is also valuable and important to commit to society because we are people who can not be indifferent to problems or diseases of other people or animals.

I believe that ACS encourages this type of actions that help us to discover that outside there are people who are hungry and in need and that there are also other people who are sick and do not have enough economic resources to cover their illnesses.

Volunteering helps us to face another reality and helps us to commit ourselves with the community, this makes us good people and citizens because for a moment we can feel the needs and afflictions of other people, being with other people in need helps us to value our life and what we have and we can see that some people with very little money or few things are happy. Volunteering is a life lesson where on the one hand we give but we also receive a lesson.


Hi, my name is Joaquin Rodas, I am 15 years old. I am from La Paz Bolivia, I like to play soccer and also watch movies. My favorite team in soccer is Bolivar.

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