How Earth’s climate has changed over the years?

Earth’s climate has changed drastically over the years, but as of recently scientists have become concerned about what will happen if the climate changes again. It is uncertain what the consequences will be if the climate changes again, and this can lead to a very dangerous situation to the entire planet. The next couple of years will get worse from here on now, and that climate change by the greenhouse gases are the main cause. Every year there are higher levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which makes the Earth warmer.

Scientists have run simulations of what the worst case scenario would be. The simulations got better during the years, and they re-create interactions between the sea, land, and sky. Simulations have gotten very accurate and can simulate the smallest of details that better helps scientists understand things such as cloud physics, and how much heat the ocean absorbs from the atmosphere. Scientists are afraid of the future for humanity.

About 5 years ago, the worst case scenario was not as dangerous as today. Scientists did nothing about it and that speaks for itself compared to nowadays, where scientists are freaking out about what will happen tomorrow. The sea level is said to increase 1 meter. Scientists say that there is no stopping global warming. Since the ocean absorbs the greenhouse gases from the atmosphere it warms the ocean and threatens all ocean life. This causes the Antarctic glaciers to melt, which means that there will be more water in the ocean, which leads to rising sea levels.


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