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How I Balance School with Gaming

Getting good grades  in school is something everyone roots for because doing so builds great habits and opens up pathways that can lead to success later on in life. As a result, many people forfeit spending time on their hobbies and passions in order to solely dedicate themselves to studying and doing homework. They become nothing more than slaves to their grades. Now, let me be clear, not all people are like this; some people get straight A’s without much effort and can still pursue their passions, while others might enjoy the subjects they study, justifying the time they spend on doing so. However, for those of you who study 6 hours a day, on top of going to school, only for your grades, please spend time on your hobbies, or else you might become an empty shell of a person without any interests. If you’re in this group and don’t know how to get out of it, let me tell you my secret.  

 I have super powers. Just kidding, I don’t, BUT, I am a great listener. I (sometimes) pay close attention in class, take really short notes, and listen to music on low volume. That’s literally all I do. Do I do homework? If I feel like it, but for the most part, I don’t. The only homework I do is for the classes I consider important since homework doesn’t count for a grade (God bless). Because of this, I can play video games all day, sometimes even during boring classes where I already know the material, and still manage to keep my grades up. To be honest, the feeling you get when you’re suddenly asked a question and have to quickly tab out of a game is frightening. Not the best idea and definitely do not recommend, 0/10.  Either way, whether it be online school (where there are more distractions than ever) or normal school, or if you have a hobby other than playing video games (art, watching TV, cooking, etc) the tip still stands.  


In real honesty, I have to say that I did play a few games during class. Paying attention to class and the game was pretty hard. Especially when you are asked a question. You start to panic. Not the best idea and definitely not recommended. I started playing games right after school and kept going and managed to keep my grades to the point where I’m not failing any class. So how do I manage to play games all day long and keep my grades up? Here’s my secret. 

I have super powers. Just kidding I don’t. BUT, I am a great listener. In class, I pay attention, take notes, and even listen to music with low volume. That’s literally all I do. Do I do homework? If I feel like it. For the most part, I don’t. I only work on homework for like 3 of my 8 classes. 

Now you may be asking, does it work for everyone? Answer is no, although it will work for the majority of people, especially if they’re already one of those students who is a slave to their grades: a  great listener who doesn’t  get distracted easily.  Also, try listening to music, especially during boring classes to avoid falling asleep, and to increase your brain’s functionality. All in all, by doing this I have been living a fulfilling student life, and so should you.   


davis choi

Hi my name is Davis Choi, and no, I am not related to Bruce Lee. I love to play video games and hangout with friends. A few words that describe me would be fun, interesting, and social. Add me on Discord! Entity#0588

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