How is art in Africa

Our planet through the years many civilizations have lived and left their mark. Today in the world there are many cultures and traditions, each one having distinct characteristics from one another. History tells us that humans were born in Africa, converting the oldest continent for civilizations. In Africa many civilizations came and went, each one leaving a mark on Africa, one of those marks in their art. Africa stands out from the world’s art for having unique characteristics. The art was made from natural resources, like ivory, wood, stone, clay, and fiber. Many of these pieces have colors that can be compared to the natural colors of the African environment.

Some main characteristics of African art are that it embodies mystical, spiritual, and emotive elements from Africa. African art can evoke fear or joy from their art pieces. The art pieces take us from a journey of African history and its geography. Some of the most popular art pieces are masks, sculptures, textiles, carvings, and metalworks. Apart from the art piece itself, people say that the most important thing about the piece is its function. Some functions from art pieces are connecting to a spiritual world, commemorating a social event, or for the use of crafting or enhancing a utilitarian object. African art is very distinctive from other western art and with time they have been evolving. African art has been evolving fusion with Islam which share some similarities from original African Art. African art has also influenced the world today; Black Panther had a huge influence on Africans. This movie has won awards for best costume design, visual effects, and best designing. This shows some influence African art has brought to the modern world. 

African art has some distinctive characteristics that show how unique it is from the rest. Throughout history, Africa has left an impact on the world like being the cradle of humanity, the Egyptian Empire, and slaves during colonization. Africa has left a big mark on the world today and yesterday, in which one includes its art. African art is different from having different ways of interpreting, having few similarities to western art. African art has been influencing the world today with films and amusement parks. Without Africa and its wonders the world would be different from how we know it, Africa gives the world a unique touch in which not all places of the world give it.

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