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How Is COVID-19 Changing Us?

I am always curious, and try to see things from every angle and side. I like to see the good side of things as well as the bad sides. However, since the coronavirus pandemic broke out I was aware that this will result in changes that we won’t forget after this quarantine, and will be remembered forever. 


I think that humans can be very paranoid, and always expect the worst. I always lay down and think about what will happen next, what will happen to my loved ones after this situation. Or how the world will be like because if we go back in time we would see that we were not expecting this. We never expected that schools would be closed, gatherings would be canceled, big music festivals would be postponed or even that people would have to follow a special schedule to go out. We are in a crisis that led us to be enclosed. 


As we all know, a crisis never leads to something good, it may worsen bad things. We can guess where the economy will end due to the low levels of exports and refusal to get imports from other countries. But what’s important to know is how our behavior will be when we finally reach the end of this seem-endless quarantine. 


I’m not an expert but I can say that after this pandemic, not only one but many will still have the fear of getting physically close to people, and due to that, we will sort of be distant from one another. People may start to prefer houses rather than apartments. Some people may not want to go back to work because if they work from home they do not have to deal with traffic or clocking in or clocking out. Plus, people may begin to prefer urban gardens than buying from the supermarket, due to the human contact that fruits and vegetables get before getting to our plates. 


I think that maybe we will mentally change for the better after this pandemic. Do not lose hope and do not get anxious, we will get out of this situation together.

Wara Quintanilla

Hi. I am Brisa, and I am a Junior at ACS. I love music and photography <3

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