How is Nature Taking What Was Once Theirs

Even though humans may think that this virus just brings negative effects, it also brings positive effects to the environment. Due to quarantine all over the world, our environment has improved drastically. Nature and animals have taken back what was once theirs. 

Pollution has decreased throughout the world and animals have come back to places they used to populate. In desolated cities, people have found animals roaming in streets and parks. For example in Thailand, the citizens have found monkeys fighting for food and appearing around the city due to quarantine. 

In Venice, the water has changed as it has been spotted to be much clearer than before and fish have been spotted in the water: due to the decreased pollution of motorboats and tourists. Not just clearer water and animals but the view of the sandy floor and the plant-life is visible. Factories have closed around the world, decreasing pollution. In China, satellite images have spotted a drastic drop in nitrogen dioxide pollution. Even though pollution has decreased, this will be a short-term change because factories have already opened again and started to work as usual. 

People from the Punjab region in India, have woken up to the visible image of the Himalayan mountain range which was not visible for decades due to air pollution. Since this air pollution has decreased, the mountain range is now visible from more than 100 miles away.  Dolphins have also been visible in an empty port in Sardinia.

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