How is the lack of sleep affecting your body??

So this year 2020, we as the world are experiencing many problems. Included in those problems, there is the COVID-19 virus, which is affecting everyone worldwide. This virus is killing tons of people, but it is also establishing the order there was in the world before. Scientists say that this is the year that humanity is put back in its place. If we as humans don’t stop destroying, the earth won’t last much longer. This virus made people stay in their houses instead of going out. Since humans didn’t go out of their houses for almost one and a half months, the earth is getting cleaner, animals are being able to repopulate. Since people cannot go out of their houses, they need to talk to people, but when is the best time to do this??

First of all, this article is for all ages, but especially teenagers. Schools are starting to give away too much homework. Students are starting to get overwhelmed due to the fact that they have to do homework all day long. If students get way too much homework, then that will incentivize that they will want to talk to people at night. Since people have no time during the day, to get to communicate with the outside world, it will do so at any time. Humans are dependent on other people, they have to be able to see people that do not live with them. If schools reduce the amount of homework given to students, then students may get better sleep.


The lack of sleep is one of the most destructive things you can do to your body. Lack of sleep hurts your ability to remember. Lack of sleep also makes you tired. Lack of sleep also makes you age your cardiovascular system. What I mean by this is that lack of sleep destroys your cardiovascular system. Lack of sleep also makes your testosterone levels get higher, it may reach the level of a person twice your age. Lack of sleep may also affect your body’s natural defenses. This means that your body will stop producing natural ways to protect you from diseases. Scientists say that being able to have a good sleep is a superpower. They also say that the shorter your sleep cycle is the shorter your life will also be. If you may have the bad habit of not sleeping well during the night, maybe this article may help you change your perspective.


There are ways for communities, or maybe only homes can address this problem. Included in this way is for students not to get those huge amounts of homework they might have. If parents don’t want their child to have a lack of sleep, then they should take their phone off during the night. If companies such as Facebook, and Netflix shut down their services during the night. There are many ways in which you can prevent a lack of sleep. In order for people to change something bad has to take place. Remember change before you regret it, right now is the perfect time to change the bad habits you have. Keep in mind sleep is a superpower, a guide for a long and healthy life.

Jorge Salinas

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