How Jimmy Butler Went From Homeless to Turning a Team into a Title Contender

Is it possible for a homeless teenager to play in the best basketball league in the world and take his team to the NBA Finals? Well, yes indeed. 

This is Jimmy Butler aka Jimmy Buckets. The NBA sensation was kicked out of his house by the age of 13. Not growing up with your dad because he abandoned you must be tough, but having your mom kick you out of the house at 13 is even tougher.

With no hope, house, food, and clothes. Jimmy Butler wandered around the streets. Jimmy Butler ate at school which was his only meal of the day. He had a friend which was so nice that took him into his house. Butler lived there for a couple of years until his friend’s mom died and he had to leave. He had no plans of playing in the NBA until he was 15 years old. He found his love for the game of basketball. He started playing varsity at his high school. Where he did not get any college offers, zero. It looked like he had no future in basketball nor going to college. 

He wanted some kind of future so he wanted to go to college. He sent his college application using Mcdonald’s wifi. He had some hope to be accepted. There was one college by the name of Marquette that had some hope in him and knew he was special. He played three years at Marquette where he had a great impact on the team.

It was time he got his spot in the draft. He had worked hard for this moment and he was ready. He was drafted in the second round with the 30th pick. The Chicago Bulls selected him and had faith in him. He bounced from team to team. He played in four teams: The Chicago Bulls, Minnesota Timberwolves, Philadelphia 76ers, and the Miami heat. He impacted the Miami heat in such a big way that he took the team to the NBA Finals in the Orlando Bubble. 

He has had a very positive impact on the Heat that he deserves a max contract with them. He has a bright future with the Miami Heat because he is only 31 yrs old. He has worked hard his whole life and that work is paying off. This proves that hard work pays off.

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