How Netflix Grew

Over the last few years, many different aspects of entertainment have been shifting and are being more and more connected with the digital world. Apart from giant shopping corporations that have gone digital from the beginning such as Amazon, one of the biggest entertainment digital streaming platforms is Netflix. This platform has been around since 1997. Netflix has not always been so popular. When it started, Netflix was seen as unsafe and was untrustworthy because regular citizens didn’t really understand it and didn’t really know how it worked. As time went on, people began seeing that having entertainment just a few clicks away was really simple and easy to use. This was when everything began to go uphill for them. At first, Netflix would play movies that had been taken out to the public previously, but as time went on, they began to feel comfortable, gain some traction, make some money, and even start creating their own movies and TV shows. It has only been around 23 years since the launch of Netflix and it currently holds over 193 million paid users that pay around 8 dollars a month for their subscription. This gives Netflix a total revenue of over $1 billion which is insane.

Coronavirus and the quarantine has also benefited Netflix because since everyone is staying at home, and they need some entertainment from time to time, more and more people are subscribing to their services. Netflix is not the only entertainment streaming digital platform, there are others too such as Hulu, Disney Plus, and more, but from what I have asked around and seen, Netflix is one of the most popular ones around.

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