How not to have the first day of school

It was a new year, a new decade to start over and try to achieve your goals. After staying up all night to scream “Happy New Year!,” I bet you completely forgot about school. You thought you were finally free and be able to relax for the first time in a long time. A week passed and your mom wakes you up at 6 a.m! What is happening? Why is your mom waking you up so early? Then, she says a word you forgot about, one you hated, a word that was prohibited for you: “School.” That moment you jump off your bed and remember that torture place where you use to go by force to suffer for 7 hours.

It was the first day of school, and you were going to be late, your stress comes back. You are nervous for no reason while you change on whatever clothes you could. Then, you go downstairs and eat whatever you could. Then you get in the car, after driving past some streets you remember, “wait, I use to feel something heavy in my back every day.” That exact moment you want to faint but can’t. You couldn’t get late to school “My backpack!!”. Oh no! You have to get back to your house and ready up your backpack with a laptop, pencil case, etc. You have to sprint again to your house to get it. Luckily you didn’t unpack anything, so you won’t spend so much time on finding things. Finally, you have everything and can go to school safely. Some minutes later you could feel a presence of depression, stress, torture, and homework. You arrived at the school and said: “This won’t be that bad.” At least you had your friends there. You will have fun and chat with them. After saying hello to your friends, an annoying high pitch sound could be heard from miles away: the bell.

You were so occupied chatting with your friends you forgot that you had to pack materials for MATH! How can you start a new year with math? As you are entering the class, you could remember all those torturous times it was like a soldier remembering when he was in a war. Nothing changed in that class, you get to learn a lesson and then get homework. Every class is the same, except P.E, but apparently, you don’t have it this year instead you have a class called World Religion. That class doesn’t look that bad but still, P.E was better. Finally, after 7 hours of suffering it is time to go home, the moment you’ve been waiting, nothing could go wrong until you realize you have homework from each class and they are due tomorrow. The other bad news is that this was just the first day of other billion more before you die. The best way to avoid days like this is to stay organized and leave your cellphone or other distractions while doing school activities like homework or projects.

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