How to Ace a Test

Students often spend endless hours studying for a test when there are ways to study quicker and more effectively. Do you want to learn new ways to study more productively and ace your test? First of all, avoid all distractions. I know it is extremely tempting to go on your phone or watch Netflix for a few minutes but those minutes turn into long hours. Many teenagers don’t even realize how much time they waste on social media. If you still have trouble with this, you can use apps that block websites that tend to distract you so you won’t even think about doing it. Instead of spending hours studying slowly with numerous distractions, try to study for shorter periods of time but at a higher intensity. Another helpful study method you could use it called “active recall” in which you close your textbook and recite or write down everything you remember about the topic. This will be beneficial for long-term memorization. In addition to this method, a great way to understand a topic you are studying is to create mind maps with images. That allows you to expand from main ideas as well as being able to memorize them better through the images. Another way to understand the material you are studying better is to take on the role of a teacher. You can act like the teacher to your parents, siblings, or friends and teach them the information you know. There are numerous ways to use different study techniques. This is a way to help you find out what works best for you. Now go and ace your test!


Kathryn Smith

My name is Katie Smith. I am a sophomore who loves sports and drawing. I am from Bolivia. My favorite food is pesto. A word that would describe me would be kind.

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