How to be less Socially Awkward

Are you socially awkward? Do you often feel out of place when you are in a large group? Do you not know how to talk to others? Well, if this is you, you’ve come to the right place.
I am socially awkward myself, which is not something negative. I usually don’t know how to keep a conversation or how to even start one. I am a misanthrope, so yeah, I struggle when I have to talk to others. I am not a bubbly or social person. I can’t be around people for a long period of time, otherwise, I start to get social anxiety. My new year’s resolution last year was to be less socially awkward, but we all know how it went thanks to Covid-19. Covid became my new favorite excuse for everything. People would ask me to hang out, but I would answer no because of Covid. I stopped talking to almost everyone, which worsened my social awkwardness.
After doing some research, this is what I believe can help you and I be less socially awkward:
Be confident. Or at least fake it till you make it.
Be positive!
Always be genuine. If you like something about someone, tell them, but don’t give them fake compliments.
Don’t try to make people like you. Be yourself! If they don’t like who you are it is not worth it.
Don’t mention you are socially awkward! (I do this all the time. DON’T DO IT)
Awkward silence? Ask questions!
Don’t know what to talk about? Talk about F.O.R.D → Family, Occupation, Recreation, Dreams.

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