How to become the Boss of your Emotions

Expressing emotions and the ability to experience emotions are more important than you might realize. Emotions will always be an important key in your reactions. After you realize this you would have access to important knowledge; decision-making, relationship success, self-care, and interactions with others. While your emotions are a helpful role in your daily life, they also can start to feel out of control. I’ll show you 5 ways to control your emotions.


  1. Have a look at your emotions. 

People say that having intense emotions are all bad, but that isn’t true; in my opinion, not all of them are bad. All emotions make our lives exciting, brilliant, and unique. Strong emotions can mean that we embrace life fully. It’s very normal to experience some emotions that are overwhelming like you’ve missed out. Maybe the situation can be a relationship or friendship conflict, trouble at school or work, mentally, etc.  What you need to do is find some time to think about how your uncontrolled emotions are affecting your daily life. This will help you identify the problem easier. 


  1. Identify your feelings.

Having a moment is very important to identify your feelings or emotions. Each situation will be either similar or different, and you would need to control your emotions, by considering possible alternatives; reframing your thoughts. This can take time before it becomes a habit, with practicing these steps in your head it would become easier and more effective. 


  1. Acceptance.

If you want to fully become the boss of your emotions, you would need to accept who you are and how your emotions work.  Accepting your emotions may lead to greater life satisfaction and fewer mental health symptoms. Acceptance is the major priority. 

  1. Take a deep breath.

Probably you would be tired of hearing “Take a deep breath”, but believe me there’s much more to be said by saying that. It doesn’t matter if you’re happy or angry you would not speak. Calming down and breathing won’t make your emotions go away, that’s not the goal, but it would help you from not drowning in your own air. 

  1. Know how to express yourself. 

Maybe screaming into your pillow, or punching it, and crying everything you want would relieve you; but not every time. Other situations would not matter screaming or crying, that would not help. Having a calm mind helps you to understand when it’s “ok” to let feelings out and when you might sit with them and think for a moment. 

Esther Jun

Hi, my name is Esther. I’m a sophomore that loves to dance. I am from Bolivia. I love to eat pasta. A word that would describe me would be empathy.

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