How to Break Up With Someone

It’s October. This means we are only a few moments away from December (New Year’s Eve), and March (Carnival and for some seniors, Punta Cana.) If you want to break up with someone, now may be a perfect time. 

Here are some useful tricks to break up with someone. I hope you enjoy:

Fall out of love mentally: This will be an extremely difficult process if you keep focusing on the ‘perfect’ moments you had with this person. Instead, focus on the top 5 negative moments you shared with your partner. 

Be kind, but set up boundaries: Breaking up with someone can be painful. Not only painful for you, but for the person you are breaking up with. My advice is to be kind and respectful to the person you are breaking up with, but also to set up clear boundaries so there are no misunderstandings with your partner in the future.

Look forward: Make a small list of why you are breaking up with your partner. Then, make a list of what you hope to achieve in the future without your partner, and how breaking up will benefit you. This will help you create clear goals, and envision a bright future for yourself despite the current heartbreaking circumstances. 

-Best regards, your favorite love doctor, Matisse Lebl. 

Matisse Lebl

My name is Matisse. I am a senior who loves horseback riding. I am from Bolivia. My favorite food is pizza. A word that would describe me would be CRAZYYY.

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