How to Cook Rice

Cooking rice can be harder than it sounds! Do you put it in the oven? Do you need water? Can you do it on the microwave? Don’t worry you will know how to cook rice after reading this article!

  1. Rinse the Rice: We all know that rinsing is annoying but it only takes some seconds to do it, and believe me the final result will be amazing!
  1. Always remember 1:2: You will always use 1 cup rice to 2 cups water
  1. Boil some water and add some salt with the rice. If you want to add some butter then go ahead it will make the rice taste amazing.
  1. Keep the lid on!
  1. Turn off the heat: Let it rest for a few minutes!
  1. Eat it! Rice is amazing and you can combine it with everything! 

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