How to Expand Your Creativity During Quarantine

Quarantine can be tough, especially for students who constantly stay inside, locked on their computers. Sometimes we need a creative outlet that can act as a stress reliever. If it has been a struggle for you to be creative during the past few months, here are some tips that might help you bring it back. 

You will first need to find a space in your house that you will dedicate to this. It can be at your desk, your bed, the living room, or your garden if you have one. Make sure that it is a place that can inspire and expand your thoughts in order to be able to be more creative. One thing you can do to spark your creative side is to start a journal. It is important to disconnect with electronics to re-ignite creativity. Journaling can help with the flow of new ideas and decrease stress and anxiety by writing down your emotions. 

Another way to help your creativity is to simply take pictures. You can take pictures of things you find interesting. It can be anything from flowers to your bookshelf. An additional creative outlet can be to start a sketchbook. You can draw or paint anything you are feeling, even if you are not an artist. This outlet can improve your mental and physical well being. Art can help express experiences or emotions that are too hard to put into words. Engaging in hands-on activities can help release muscle tension throughout your body.

Music can also be used as a tool to amplify creativity. It can help your thoughts roam without a specific direction which can lead to creative ideas and imagination. You can use platforms such as Spotify or Apple Music, or even YouTube to find new songs and artists that you would like. You can also create your own music through instruments you play or through singing. 

Finally, another way to help inspire your thoughts is to create a small craft project that you can complete on a daily basis. This can be as simple as taking a picture of the view from your window each morning or coloring a swatch of color that represents your mood. 

Kathryn Smith

My name is Katie Smith. I am a sophomore who loves sports and drawing. I am from Bolivia. My favorite food is pesto. A word that would describe me would be kind.

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