How to get a Better Work Ethic

How To Get A Better Work Ethic


Having a good work ethic is one of the best ways to assure you get a good grade. Having a good work ethic is not easy, but it can be done if you put your mind to it. Laziness is the biggest threat to this because the ‘I will do it tomorrow’ or ‘I will do it later’ thoughts seem like good ideas at the time, but when later arrives, that’s when stress comes in. Doing things at the last minute not only makes you stressed, but it also makes the work sloppier. Whenever an assignment is done with time, the work is of higher quality, more thought out, and overall built better. 


Psychology plays a big role in having a good work ethic. According to various studies, muscle memory helps you remember things more thoroughly. Muscle memory is a form of remembering something if your muscles were used, like in writing. Writing notes down with a pen and paper improves your memory dramatically because your brain is forced to process the information in more detail because it has to send signals to the hand, and that uses more of your brain making the information stay in your brain for longer periods of time. Other psychological studies have shown that context also plays a massive role in memory for students. Context talks about location and if you are in the same place when you learn the information rather than a different location. For hybrid school, this is a difficult challenge because you are a week in your house and a week in school. So, a way to make the difference not so noticeable is to sit at a desk at your house and not on your bed or anywhere else.


Making connections between what you are doing and your personal life has been a proven way of having a better memory. Have you ever noticed that if you are trying to memorize something, that after some time you make a certain melody in your head. This is exactly making connections. When you make this connection it makes it easier to remember because it is a memory your brain has created and not one someone else has tried to instill in you. When memories are tied to something you like, then it is a lot easier to remember because you have an interest in the topic. Another example of doing this is making stories. Creativity stimulates your brain and your memory so sparking creativity in any way you can and at any point, you can improve comprehension, interpretation, and most importantly, memory.

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