How to Get a Guy in 10 Days

Liking someone can be very complicated, especially during our teenage years. Either the person does not like you back, or you are in the friendzone, or the person is just immature. There are a thousand different reasons why you like the person but won’t do anything about it. Maybe you think he/she is out of your league, maybe you think you are too shy to talk to him/her, or maybe there is never a right moment. The following information is sacred, but before we start you must know that it is always the right moment. 

Day #1: Start by talking to the person and show a little bit of interest, but not too much. Boys and girls like someone that is hard to get, someone that has a little bit of mystery. Flirt! This implies smiles, smirks, laughing, getting close to the person (but not too much), and ending the conversation pending. Day #2: Act as if you would not care. Say hi to person but leave them wondering about how you’ve really been. Day #3: Chances are that the person has already texted you. Respond to the texts after a long amount of time, if you are too attentive as to when they will respond; they WILL know. Take about 30-60 minutes to respond. Day #4: You’re probably still texting, so make the conversation interesting. You have an interesting life and if this person is making an effort to meet you, then make sure they get to know the real you. Let the person tell you about themselves, as well. Day #5: The person calls and asks how your day has been. This person wants to know more about you and make it a daily routine to talk to you. When the person calls you for the first time, they will try to make jokes. If you do not find them funny, do not laugh. This is how they will get to know your sense of humor. End the call after 30-60 minutes and say that you have plans. Make it seem as if you were busy and they will know that they have to work hard to earn your time. 

Day #6: If the person knows how to make you like him/her back, then he/she should have already invited you out or told you that you to hang out sometime. If he/she were to tell you that you guys should hang out that day, raincheck. Once again, they have to earn your time. Tell them that you had already made plans. Day #7: Now start planning that date with the person. Tell them something like, “Hey! Turns out I have free time (select a day) in the (morning, afternoon, night).” Day #8: Once the pandemic is over you will probably go to a get-together or a party. Once this happens and your fortunate one is there, hang out with this person but not the entire time. Give them their space and have fun with your own friends. Day #9: You guys are probably talking or texting each other for 9 days now. Everything is going as planned and it is obvious that the person likes you back, but you still have some doubt that it won’t work out.. Day #10: Now you know that you’ve got the person and everything is awesome. You guys talk constantly and you will both not only be interested, you will definitely want to hang out. You’ve made it. 

This plan may or may not work, but you will eventually find the right one and it is going to be worth it. Don’t go looking constantly for someone because I promise that the right one will find the way towards you. You may get married and it won’t be the right person, hopefully, it doesn’t get to that, but believe that you will find your perfect compliment. Now if you were to start a relationship, remember, that everything ends. At one point or another, everything comes to an end. You may end up with your crush from the first grade and you will never know. Every heartbreak that you experience means that you are closer to finding the true one. 

P.D. these steps are inspired in the movie “How to Lose a Guys in 10 Days”. Completely recommendable. PG-13.

Vanina Quiroga

My name is Vanina Quiroga, I am an eleventh grader who loves to eat candy. That’s like my main life passion.

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