How to live a Simple life


How To Live a Simple Life 


Complicated lives and over-stressed lives are the worst life you can live. Stress can heighten blood pressure levels, affect the immune system, and badly damage your mental health. Living your life in the simplest way possible can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression levels greatly. And the way to live a simple life is just reducing stress. Reducing the amount of worrying you do in your daily life about simple tasks is the first step to living a simpler life, free of stress. But why is it better to live a simple life?


Simple lives can make you learn about yourself. Learning about yourself can help you find new interesting hobbies and passions but also help you grow spiritually. Next, it is proven that simple living can help you improve relationships with others both romantically and non-romantic relationships as you are more laid back and easy to be around. Not only does simple living help you emotionally and mentally, but also economically. Yes! Living without the pressure of having new things from society like a new phone or some new shoes can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Lastly, your focus and attention span increase as you have fewer thoughts and ideas in your mind and can concentrate on one task or idea at a time more thoroughly.


Worrying too much about everything is the downfall of many great people. Daily life tasks should be chill and with nothing to stress you out but many people can stress and worry about things such as making your bed. Yes, it is important to make your bed everyday but it does not need to be perfect as long as it does not look dirty. That is the mindset you need to have in many situations to live a simpler life. Reducing stress can be as simple as just saying “ok”to anything and going about your day. For example, you are at the supermarket and a random person comes up to you and starts yelling for something you didn’t do. Instead of arguing again and giving the time of day to think about that just tell them “you are right” and leave. Realizing what keeps your mind cluttered and letting go of it is the fastest way to calm yourself down and live stress free.


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