How to maintain emotional health.

  1. Take care of your physical health

To many people’s surprise, physical health can affect our emotional health much more than we can imagine.  Make sure you are Eating and drinking healthy and in moderation. Getting enough sleep and being more active such as playing sports or going to the gym regularly to maintain and boost your productivity.  

2. Relax your mind

It is a good idea to coordinate other relaxation strategies into your physical activities routine to loosen up and clear your mind for those times when life gets a bit too overwhelming. Try doing some Yoga, mindfulness, meditation or even some deep breaths once in a while.  Meditation and mindfulness are a great way to guide your thoughts through the right path.

3. Set realistic weekly goals

Make a schedule and set goals for yourself so you can be more in command of your days. Decide what you want to achieve personally and academically and write down the steps you need to take to achieve those goals. Also, try making a checklist for all the tasks you have to do, it will help you organize and prioritize your tasks, and as you check them off of your list you will feel very accomplished. Reward yourself for tasks you have accomplished such as having a snack, watching a show or doing what you enjoy to keep a positive outlook on life.

4. Learn how to manage your stress  

Try to change situations that are causing you to stress out. Try practicing some of the relaxation methods mentioned in tip #2, Yoga, meditation or mindfulness. You can also try to see the best in life, the more you enjoy the small things the more you will enjoy your day. Always begin and end your day for what you are grateful for and always try to keep a smile and laugh, research has shown that laughter can boost your immune system, ease the pain, relax your body and reduce stress.

5. Invest time on a new hobby

Enjoying yourself by doing an activity that brings you joy can help release stress. This can also mean that you are good at that activity and by achieving it, it can boost your self-esteem. Everyone should have at least one hobby that brings you to pure joy.

Sofia Zubieta

Sofia Zubieta is a 12th grader, she writes advice editorials. Sophia loves working with kids.

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