How To Make Science Classes More Interesting

There should be more science classes due to the fact that there are only 6 different subjects in high school. Biology, AP Biology, Chemistry, AP Chemistry, physics, AP Psychology and psychology are the only science classes that are available in school. There could be many other classes that cover different topics such as an astronomy class, ecology, human anatomy, geological science, philosophical science, and mathematical science. These classes would be interesting and appropriate to learn because they talk about different subjects that most students do not have a clue about. The teacher could expand upon some subjects and go more in-depth with them because you may have talked about them in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade, so some students would have a basic understanding of a subject like astronomy, and ecology. Depending on the classes you take, some might be more difficult than others. Human anatomy would be an example of a subject that almost nobody in ACS has any knowledge about.

Astronomy, in my opinion, would be an amazing class to learn about because you are talking about planets, stars, and other galaxies. Students would be interested in looking at stars and other planets through a telescope after school because there are no stars in broad daylight and maybe there would be a fun activity while doing this. The teacher would talk about who invented astronomy, who invented the telescope, and who improved upon it. The most interesting topics would be about theoretical questions such as why do we live on Earth, what is the “Big Bang,” why did it happen, what was before it. The questions would make the students think about where they are and why they are here.

Human anatomy would be a complex class, but has to be the most interesting class due to the fact that you are talking about the human body and how it functions. Learning about the human body would consist of first talking about the types of blood cells, and what is their structure. Next would be muscles, bones, skin tissue, and what builds them. The most interesting part of studying about the human body would be about what each organ in your body does, and how they all work together. As well as how the organs work around the heart, how they use blood and what the brain does to maintain your body from falling. Students will be confused at first but with time they will have a good understanding of the human body. Having more science classes will make students find what they enjoy doing. Students might pursue that subject in the future which can lead them down a good path because they will be doing something that will make them happy.

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