How to Make Your Teacher Lose It

Let’s be honest, even though we complain about them giving us too much homework or a test too hard to handle, we love our teachers, and we love to have a good laugh with them from time to time. I don’t know why, but in some scenarios, I find it humorous to make a teacher mad. If you share this characteristic with me, read the article and find out how to make your high school teachers go nuts! Make sure to do this on rare occasions, because remember, a joke stops being funny when you repeat it too much. I also want to point out that we should not, under any circumstance, be disrespectful to our teachers.


Mr. Ochs→ This is a simple one, call him ‘sir” instead of mister. I only do this from time to time because he might actually end up getting furious if you do it too often. He will probably respond by saying he is not in the army and that you should not call him “sir,” to which you can reply “sir yes sir.”


Mr. Carpio→ When we go back to school, literally, just arrive 12 seconds late to class. He will surely send you straight to the office with a hidden smile on his face. To fix your mistake, just get into a deep conversation about the insignificance of the human race in this universe with him. 


Ms. van Strien→ Misplace a comma. “The Dragon Lady,” as she used to call herself last year, will show her true rage if you do this. My advice is that you download every single grammar checker available on the internet and proofread your papers at least 10 times because, to be honest, I have never gotten a single laugh by getting Ms. van Strien mad. 


Ms. Artieda→ I hope that when you saw Ms. Artieda’s name you stopped reading this article, but if you’re still here, don’t even think about messing with Ms. Artieda, she is pure gold. Go give her a hug and compliment her matching shoes. 


Ms. Vallejos→ Easy. Make sure you change your name to Nicolas Trigo, Mirko Lebl, or Matias Aguirre. Trust me, you won’t even have to try. 


Ms. Andi→ Miss Andi is in a good mood 24/7, but there is an easy way to make her mad which is  known to very few. Simply take your protective goggles off while doing a laboratory experiment, or even worse, eat the gummy bear with which you are experimenting with; she will lose it. 


Ms. Ormachea→ If you know me, you know I am everything but an artist. In the 2 years I had an art class at ACS, I accidentally realized there are two ways to get Ms. Ormachea mad. The first one is to use the wrong type of paint and brush for a final assignment, trust me, it’s not going to go well. Second, don’t clean your table after class. If you do this, make sure to be fast, because she will chase you down the hallways. 


Nicolas Trigo

Hi. My name is Nicolas Trigo, I’m a junior and what I enjoy the most in life is to give tennis, soccer, and sometimes even fifa ‘clasesitas’ to my friends.

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