How to Manage Coronavirus Anxiety

The Coronavirus outbreak may be stressful for many of us. Anxiety and fear may become our worst enemies during this time. However, if we learn how to deal with them, our community will be stronger. 


Everyone is different, which means that everyone will have a different reaction over this situation. This will depend on your background and things that make you different from other people. 


So, how can we deal with anxiety? 


Avoid excessive exposure to media 


In several cases, media sometimes is not the most reliable source. Our parents and even us get messages with unreliable content (coronavirus cases in the country or quarantine measurements taken) that may not be true. This type of news only causes panic.  


Connect with your loved ones through calls or texts


When your loved ones live in countries or regions that have the most coronavirus cases, you should be keeping in touch with them because they are worried about themselves and may need you to reassure them in order to make them feel safe. 


Reassure children and elders that they are safe 


Our grandparents and children don’t have the same immune system as younger people, so they are afraid and are the ones that are frightened and anxious. We should tell them that everything will be fine. If we take care of them and keep good and constant hygiene, we are going to be able to protect them from the virus.


Share your ideas on how to deal with worries 


We can always share how we are dealing with this pandemic and help others overcome their fears and anxieties. 


Keep yourself busy 


Instead of worrying, why don’t we do some productive things around the house? Personally, I am not someone that is in her house too often, so these days I did not get bored because there are several activities to do while being on quarantine. However, there were many people who did not know how to kill time and got bored, so I will briefly give you some ideas!


  • Try new hairstyles 
  • Reorganize your room
  • Read a book
  • Find new good music!
  • Try on different outfits 


Remember to stay healthy and most importantly don’t let anxiety and fear be a pandemic too!


Wara Quintanilla

Hi. I am Brisa, and I am a Junior at ACS. I love music and photography <3

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