How to Stop Thinking About Something

Do you ever find yourself thinking about something unpleasant and can’t stop? It’s like no matter what you do or say, nothing will drive away these thoughts. This is a problem that can affect someone’s life in a serious way. Unpleasant thoughts can stop us from functioning normally and doing things we enjoy. So what can you do to stop these thoughts? Here are some things that can help you to stop thinking about whatever is bothering you.


  1. Distracting Yourself

Make your mind focus on something else, physical activities like exercising or playing an instrument will keep your mind occupied and at the same time will entertain you. 

  1. Talk about it with someone

Talking about what is bothering you with someone you trust will be helpful. Just take your time to share your thoughts with someone and you will be getting something off your mind. Talking about what you’re thinking will help you alleviate the stress you are feeling. 


  1. Write your thoughts down

Like talking with someone, writing down what is bothering you will help you get things off your mind. If you can’t talk with someone about your thoughts writing them down on a piece of paper is a good idea. After writing down your thoughts you can throw away that piece of paper or even destroy it in whichever way you want. This will be symbolizing you controlling your thoughts and getting rid of the bothersome ones.  

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