How TV Shows Are Being Made During COVID-19

TV shows haven’t really stopped production because of COVID-19, but they are encountering problems that might end filming. Many of us have seen the number of people that are being infected with the Coronavirus in the United States, but that isn’t the main reason that shows are being affected. Most people in the United States aren’t being too careful in regard to the virus so that can’t be it. It is mainly about time and money. 

Many actors are being paid more solely because there is a risk that they are taking for filming with other actors during this pandemic. They also have to be really careful because if they get the virus, they will be out for a couple of weeks. This is really undermining for both the show’s production as well as their image as a team. 

The COVID pandemic has been slowing down production by a great margin because of the time it takes to recover from the virus, but also because of the production of several scenes to finish and for the shipping of equipment and other necessary supplies for the show. Cameras and other equipment may be needed in another part of the country, but shipping companies are having a hard time sending the supplies to the required destination in the right and the necessary amount of time. 

Movies are the same, but they are easier in my opinion because they have more scenes where computer-generated effects are needed. This means that they spend less time outside in different locations and more time inside of a studio with green screens. This is not for all movies, but many of them, which include fighting scenes or explosions. These types of scenes require the actors to jump off of buildings which are really hard to actually do. 

Shows are taking more time and money to produce due to the pandemic, but, the good thing is that they haven’t stopped production and we will be able to see the final product sooner than if the production had stopped. There might be negatives to the production, but, we have to look at the positives in order to fully understand the reasons why and that means that we can at least watch the latest episodes from the comfort of our living room or bedroom. 

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