How will Coronavirus affect school and universities?

It has been a little more than three weeks since the whole “quarantine” started and it has been awful. People are starting to have more fear every day and they have reasons to be scared. These past days I’ve started to watch movies about infections that destroyed the world and I found a real similarity in one of the movies I watched, t World War Z. This movie talked about Gerry, a former United Nations employee, as he unexpectedly finds himself in a race against time to investigate a threatening virus that turns humans into zombies. Now I know It sounds crazy but I had two thoughts when I saw this movie: 1. People can transmit this disease really easily. 2. How did everything in the United States escalate so quickly? In about two months I will become a senior and I’m scared too, will I go to college? Will school reopen? I don’t know, no one does.

There have been a lot of articles talking about this throughout the news and as different tests (AP’s and SAT) in the world have been canceled or delayed until new notice and it seems that most of them will not continue any time soon. Even 

Worldwide events like WWDC or gaming events that have been suspended  until further notice. Colleges have been sending letters and emails to all of the students that had signed up previously to tell them that they are not going to need (for some colleges) SAT scores and that makes it okay, I guess. Listen, I know some people who would be very happy about this but others would be depressed, some just don’t have the GPA to join their preferred college and want to use their SAT to do this. 

I hope everything in this situation will be sorted in a few weeks because I will not stand living this way much longer. It’s stressing just being able to talk to one person face to face every day. Humanity has been for much worse than this. This is just a bump on the road and we will get through this. So keep this in mind especially people who are my age and are scared if they will get accepted to a college or not I WILL SURVIVE THIS AND WE WILL GET INTO COLLEGE.


Matias Taborga

My name is Matias Taborga. I am a junior who loves life. I am from Bolivia. My favorite food is gyros. A word that would describe me would be notorious.

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