Should we be proud??

Hugo Dellien is our Bolivian pride. Bolivian citizens that dislike tennis still like him, due to him competing with tennis players that have won World cups. He was born in Beni, Bolivia. Hugo is currently 26 years old. Sports criticizers say he has a long career left to go. On January 20, 2020, he played against Rafael Nadal, to which he lost. Even Though he lost, ALL Bolivians were extremely proud of him reaching so far. Some people that like him, also stated that they never believed that he would reach so far as a professional tennis player. We as Bolivians, normally don’t expect that much competition in the category of sports, because in a variety of sports, we never succeed as champions or win anything. What are the reasons for us not to be believing on our players? Most sports critics say that we don’t have the level to compete in those high standards, and that the level is too superior for us. Most of the time, we get mad due to the fact that we feel underestimated. The truth is that we can reach those competition levels. The problem with us is that we are way too limited by our options of sports at a professional level. What do I mean by this is that we are limited; basically we have walls stopping us. We have walls due to us not having the training needed to reach outside the competition level. There is a point where we reach the climax, or the highest point possible. Another reason for us to not being able to reach high competition levels is culture. You are probably asking yourself, why culture? It is culture- because a common mistake as Bolivians is that we drink way too much. Drinking in large amounts affects stamina, body proportions, and mostly routine. This mostly becomes a problem when Bolivian players reach a high point in sports, and they want to celebrate. After they celebrate once, it becomes routine. The last reason, that is crucial to our professional sports development, is that we are psychologically damaged by ourselves. How are we doing this, we commit this mistake by people around us making us afraid of our opponents. We should always encourage our people to become better and tell them that they are worthy enough. We know as Bolivians that we have the qualities to reach our rivals ́competition levels. This is a reason for  why we like Hugo so much we feel that he is the only Bolivian who is actually trying to make a difference. Hugo Dellien actually made himself, from hard work and hope. Last game against Rafa Nadal, he said that it was an honor to play against him. Hugo was proud of himself already playing against him. Don’t get me wrong, he still kept his head up and played the best he could. As we say, “he left everything in the field”. The sad part is that he had to train in Argentina to reach the level he got to. The question is, will Hugo Dellien keep surprising us? Will he break records and become the first Bolivian tennis world champion?

Jorge Salinas

My name is Jorge Salinas. I am a junior. I love soccer and tennis. A word that would describe me would be funny.

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