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Hunger Motivation

  1. i) What are the physiological factors that produce hunger?
  • If your blood glucose level drops, you won’t consciously feel this change, but your stomach, intestines, and liver will signal your brain to motivate eating. Your brain, which is automatically monitoring your blood chemistry and your body’s internal state, will then trigger hunger.
  • When semistarved rats fall below their normal weight, this system signals the body to restore the lost weight.
  • These factors are influenced by the environment as well as biology, you will see people are born with a better metabolism and better genetics. It is a misconception because you may lose a few pounds harder than the other person. It is ‘cause it is your genetics but you can get to that point by working hard on your eating habits. 
  • Another misconception is “ I am fat so now I am not gonna eat “ . What happens is the body begins to increase production of cortisol, leaving us stressed and hangry. Skipping meals really damages your metabolism to slow down, which can cause weight gain or make it harder to lose weight. 
  1. ii) What are cultural and situational factors that influence hunger?
  • When feeling tense or depressed, do you crave starchy, carbohydrate-laden foods this because  Carbohydrates such as pasta, chips, and sweets help boost levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which has calming effects.
  • Another is that when we have unlimited access to a wide variety of tasty foods, we tend to overeat and gain weight it does not happen to you when you are with your whole family and they keep bringing food it is very easy to overeat in this occasions.
  • Our preferences for sweet and salty tastes are genetic and universal, but conditioning can intensify or alter those preferences. People given highly salted foods may develop a liking for excess salt and also that can happen with sugar and that is making a bad eating habit.
  •  Environments can influence the human genetics that affect diet and taste. For example in places where agriculture has produced milk, for example, survival patterns have favored people with lactose tolerance.
  • Do you eat more when eating with others? Most of us do  after a party, you may realize you’ve overeaten. This happens because the presence of others tends to amplify our natural behavior tendencies.

iii) What are factors that predispose some people to become and remain obese?

  • Obesity has been associated with lower psychological well-being, especially among women, and increased risk of depression
  • Obese 6- to 9-year-olds are 60 percent more likely to suffer bullying
  • Obesity has physical health risks as well. 
  • Our bodies store fat for good reasons. Fat is an ideal form of stored energy a high-calorie fuel reserve to carry the body through periods when food is scarce
  • Significant obesity increases the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, gallstones, arthritis, and certain types of cancer, thus increasing health care costs and shortening life expectancy
  • Connection 
  • This is helpful to high school students because they may be struggling to understand why they dont have  the result they want in the gym on their diets and also to be kind with each other. 


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